Get To Know Us

Hi everyone! I’m Marie Fraser, the face behind Boutique on 42, along with the reason for it all -my loyal sidekick, Gryph the Vizsla. We are proud to launch our newest endeavour and curate collections of the best and most fashion forward dog products for you and your best friend! A few facts about me - I am a true crime podcast enthusiast, a pasta and wine lover, and an avid horseback rider! Gryph loves long walks on the beach (no but really), taste testing new treats, and snuggling up by the fireplace.

Marie Fraser


Marie’s love of dogs stems from a lifetime growing up around dogs & horses. Having past experience working in a veterinary clinic, she has a keen interest in canine nutrition and rehabilitation.As an adult, her current canine companion, Gryph, has led her to delve into whole new realms of the dog world. While training her beloved Viszla, she’s learned more than ever about scent detection, hunting, tracking and obedience.Whether canine, equine or…goat, Marie always makes sure to put her animals and their needs at the top of her priority list.


Office Model & Ambassador 

Gryph is the dog behind the Unleashed on 42 and Boutique On 42 logo. He is the model and fun ambassador for both businesses. He takes his job very seriously and loves taste testing the treats - quality control officer is one of his favourite tasks! 

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